Editorial board

Co-Editors in Chief :

Andreea Szilagyi, PhD – NBCC – International, NC, USA

Gheorghe Tomsa, PhD – University of Bucharest, Romania

Associate Editor:

Elena-Amalia Jansel, PhD – NBCC – International, NC, USA

Reviewers Board/ Editorial Board:

Dennis Gilbride, PhD – Georgia State University, GA, USA

Barry Jackson, PhD – Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA

Melissa Luke, PhD – Syracuse University, NY, USA

Charles Gressard, PhD – College of ”William and Mary”, USA

Hans-Juergen Weissbach, PhD – Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Ronald Sultana, PhD – University of Malta, Malta

Nancy E. Sherman, PhD – Bradley University, IL, USA

L. DiAnne Borders, PhD - The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC, USA

Ioana Panc, PhD – University Titu Maiorescu, Bucharest, Romania

Nicoleta Lițoiu, PhD – University Politehnica, Bucharest, Romania

Delia Bîrle, PhD – University of Oradea, Romania

Raluca Tomșa, PhD – University of Bucharest, Romania

Ecaterina Vrăsmaș, PhD – University of Bucharest, Romania

Camelia Truța, PhD – Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania

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