ACROM (acronym for Romanian Counselors Association) is a recently founded (2010) professional organization, which intends to represent and support all Romanian counselors. ACROM stands for:

  • Supporting the transition from counseling, as an occupation to counseling as a profession;
  • Establishing a legal framework for all Romanian counselors;
  • Developing and implementing of an Ethical Code and Quality Standards;
  • Supporting the development of a national certification in counseling.

ACROM has been created thanks to an initiative group headed by Dr. Andreea Szilagyi and with the support of NBCC Romania (www.nbcc.ro). The initiative group has noticed the need for a dedicated association within the counseling community, which has the ability to support the development of all types of counseling activities.

On the 14th of February, 2010, the First ACROM Conference took place. The purpose of this event was to introduce the Association to all Romanian counselors, counseling educators and counseling students and to facilitate the enrollment of those who wish to become members. The access to the Conference was free of charge for those willing to attend, thanks to the special financial support of NBCC International (www.nbccinternational.org).

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